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10 Reasons Why You Should Own a Propane Scooter

Propane powered scooters have come a long with in the last few years. They have been able to overtake their electric and gas powered alternatives largely because of their convenience, efficiency, the ability to run on cheap fuel and being less harmful to the environment. Scooters as a whole have traditionally had these advantages. Here are some of the top 10 reasons to own a scooter.

1. Environmentally Friendly

Riding a scooter can be a huge message that you are trying to save the world. It is because scooters give out far less emission than an average car. Not only do these scooters use a tiny engine, but they also give an incredible gas mileage in order to make them extremely efficient in terms of carbon emissions per mile.

2. Easy on the Pocket

Scooters can be extremely easy on the pocket of the rider as a result of being extremely efficient. An average car can go for around 31 mpg, while it is significantly lower in the case of a large SUV. The latter can manage only around 20 mpg. Scooters, though, can ride up to 75 mpg, thus lowering the expenses.

3. Affordability with Progo 3000

Apart from being easier to run, scooters are also easier to own. Rather than end up paying years’ worth of hard work to the monthly finances for a car, spending just a month’s earning on a scooter seems like the clever choice. Scooters start only at around $1500. Even brilliant is an option like the Progo scooter, which is priced at a brilliant $400 and is easy to drive and store even in your apartment.

4. Weaving through Traffic

People now spend a significant portion of their lives stuck in traffic, but it can completely be eliminated through a scooter like the Progo 3000. This lightweight option can help the rider just zip through traffic like it wasn’t there.

5. No More Blind Spots

One of the major disadvantages of riding a car is the presence of numerous blind spots. Yet, they are almost non-existent in the case of a scooter, as they give the feeling of just gliding around. Since you are the most prominent element when riding a simple and lightweight Propane powered scooters, it is easy to gauge the finer dimensions while riding.

6. Looking Good

Riding a two-wheeler is more than just about commuting, as it is fast becoming a fashion statement too. With more and more scooters now becoming extremely stylish, riders cannot just reach their destination but they can do so in style.

7. Becoming an Option for Both Sexes

Previously, scooters were seen as the ride for females and this was seen as a major downer in the eyes of the male community. Yet, this has changed with more male-oriented scooters coming to the market. Now, it is estimated that around 60% of the buyers for a propane powered scooter are males.

8. No More Parking Issues With Propane Powered Scooters

Cars may certainly seem to have no disadvantages with regard to a scooter when commuting on the freeway, but it certainly changes in favour of the latter when it comes to a city situation. Parking spaces are becoming increasingly hard to find, and the scooters completely eliminate the need for the same. Moreover, it is easy to find parking just near your destination which may not always be the case with a car.

9. Increasing Safety

One popular argument is that scooters do not have safety when compared with cars, but this has changed a lot in recent years. Getting the proper riding gear will make a rider extremely safe in all situations.

10. Less Likely to Crash

Scooters are not only safe because of improved riding gear, but they also have far less power than a car. Even though it may not sound appealing on paper, it has adequate power for computing and not crashing around. It is safer than ever before for novice riders.


Which games can engage kids on long car journeys?

The vacations of school are moments that all kids want to have, with numerous months of no school for the majority children. The vacation is also an amazing chance for parents to take some break from job and use a week or 2 with their kids. This shows that there may be fairly a few extended hours in the vehicle for a number of families, with all the family members getting a little bored. Keeping the kids amused on an extended vehicle trip can be difficult, but there is an abundance of in-car games to engage all the family members and make them amused, that is absolutely free.


The car number plate game

The number plate game has been played by fathers and mothers around the earth for decades and is an outstanding and splendid means to flash a kid’s thoughts. All you act is select the last 3 letters of a nearby vehicle’s number plate and then build a tale around the alphabets.

Utilize the initial letter to choose the name of the major character, the 2nd for a thing in the tale, and the 3rd for what the letter was doing. The tales your kid turns up with will expectantly amuse not only the parents but the remaining family members as well.

We all went shopping

This cool math games joy game is a vehicle trip classic. Examining you and your kids’ reminiscence proficiency, just begin by proverb ‘we all went shopping and purchased a…’, with every individual totaling a thing to the directory.

The lengthier the game is being played, the more difficult it gets to memorize all the things on the shopping catalog, so memorize to include some amazing offers to make it simpler.

Arms and legs

This is an entertaining game that will check your kid’s maths talent, in addition to passing the time. Every side of the vehicle makes up a squad, with each 2 having an eye out for bars on their side of the street.

Points are given for the number of legs and arms that come into view in the name of a bar. Therefore, The Blue Tiger would score 4 – 2 legs and 2 arms. This is a viable game that will have your kids improving their maths without even observing.

By letting your kids play the above-mentioned games, you will be able to relax a bit. Normally, kids fight each other on cars while on a journey. Parents need to engage them in any activity. If you do not engage them in any activity, then they will engage themselves in any destructive activity. They will do unconstructive activities. They will do unproductive work. So rather than deciding them what to do in the car, engage them in productive games. Games will not only improve their mental skills, memory, and productivity but also entertain them in the whole trip. Their maths skills will improve. Their ability to pick a thing and sense things will improve. They will learn to deal with challenges and issues. Games are the best way to keep them entertained in the car.