Home Security Audit Checklist: How Many Of These Do You Fail?

Have you considered getting a home security audit from an experienced locksmith? You might think that you’ve got everything under control and that your home is virtually impregnable, but there could a number of vulnerabilities in the security that you’re probably unaware of at this point.

Follow this home security audit checklist before going on a vacation to France, or just leaving for the office and do tell us how many of these you failed at. Fortify your defenses right now, when there is still time, so that you don’t have to worry about burglars breaking into the house when you are away.

Just go through this Home Security Audit Checklist…

#1: Check if all the doors are locked.

You should lock the doors even if you’re going to be away for only a few minutes. An average home burglary takes 7 minutes. If a criminal was to enter your house, they would just grab the most expensive things they could get their hands on, and get out before anyone finds out and alerts the authorities.

#2: Where do you keep your spare keys?

Don’t make the mistake of keeping your spare keys in flower pots or under doormats. They are the most obvious locations and most burglars would know about them. Instead, keep the keys with a family member, neighbor or friend.

 #3: How strong is the door?

The first thing a home security expert does while performing a home security audit is to check the strength of the door. You could have the strongest locks, but they won’t do you any good if a burglar could force entry by kicking the door open. Make sure that your front and back entrances are secured with solid wood and metal doors.

#4: Are there any deadbolts in place on the front and back doors?

Deadbolts are the strongest of all locks. You must have a deadbolt on your front and back entrances.

#5: Are all the windows secured with locks?

It is so easy for burglars to gain entry through windows, especially if they don’t have a secure locking mechanism installed. Make sure that all the window locks are functioning properly.

#6: Is the window glass shatter resistant?

The window glass should be as strong as possible. It shouldn’t break easily and should hold off even the most aggressive burglars.

 #7: Does the garage door have a manual locking system?

Automatic garage door openers are potentially a vulnerable point in your home security as they are easier to break into, compared to manual garage door openers. Add a separate manual locking system to the garage door, which does not depend on the automatic garage door opener.

 #8: Does the door having a viewing port?

It is very important that your front door should have a viewing port, or at least, there should be a window close by, which gives you a clear view of who is standing in front of the door. You could also attach a hidden camera at the front and back entrance, and get a live video feed of your guests.

#9: Are there any bushes near the entrance? Are there any trees that lead to your windows?

Bushes give burglars an opportunity to hide, waiting for a chance to get into the house when you’re not looking. If there are any trees that lead to your windows, have the branches trimmed down. Place thorny plants just below the windows.