How to Build a Bumping System on a Planned Budget

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to bump up your car stereo system. There are ways and means to make sure that your audio system gives you the thumping sound that you didn’t even realize that it was capable of.

The car stereo system is not the same as a regular audio system the shape and positioning of the speakers are different, as are the acoustics. The sound systems even in many of the high end cars are rather ordinary, and need to be bumped up.

You can improve the sound quality of your car stereo significantly, without breaking the bank for it by following these tips.

Here’s how to build a bumping sound system on a planned budget.

 #1: Add more speakers to the sound system.

Most factory stereo systems, even those that belong to high end cars, have ordinary speakers. They need to be upgraded or replaced to get a higher quality sound out of the car stereo system. It wouldn’t cost you much to replace the speakers from the factory system. You can get quality speakers for much less than you think. They would be a much bigger improvement over the factory systems and produce much clearer sound.

#2: Don’t turn up the bass too much – that could distort the sound.

One of the mistakes people do is to turn up the bass beyond what the stock sound system can handle. Instead, turn down the treble and midtones, don’t worry about the bass for now, and turn up the overall volume for a booming sound.

 #3: Buy an amplifier to add clarity and sharpness to the sound.

Building a bumping sound system for your car is not just about making it louder – you need to add clarity to the sound as well. Make it crisp and sharp. Amplifiers do that – they send very precise signals to the speakers. The sound you get is so crisp that you will be able make out the various instruments in the music. An amplifier is one of the best things that you can install to improve your vehicles sound system.
#4:  Add powered subwoofers to the sound system.

The most important thing you need to do to build a bumping car sound system that delivers a thumping sound is to add powered subwoofers to the system. Powered subwoofers come with a built in amplifier and add more bounce to the ounce. They can fit easily in the trunk and really give you that loud, funky and truly deep sound that you are looking for.

 #5: Add some effective sound deadening mats to the car.

You need to cut out the noise from the outside the car when you’re listening to your favorite jam. You can start by adding sound deadening mats to parts of the car, such as the door panel, flooring and roof. That can make a huge difference. You could also add other insulating material to prevent the noise from the streets from getting in.

So that’s how to build a bumping system for your car within a limited budget. Live in Pinellas Park Florida? Then we are your choice car stereo store. Visit Discount Auto Tunes today!