How to increase education in Arab world, Problems and ways of improvement

Education is the key factor in building economies and welfare of nations. In some recent years, increase investment in Arab world has put in the education sector.  Literacy rates are higher among youth than the adults. But still, education in Arab world is not as good and not as rewarding in Arab world as other things are there. There are 22 Arab countries, and they vary in so many things, problems are spread across all level of education. Arab countries have control over all things, yet they don’t have control of education policy. They are not giving much attention to education which can be a serious problem in nearby future. Education and success of a country are interdependent to each other, as one increase other increases itself. Focusing on it can give many benefits. Educated youth can take your country to the top of success.

Problems of education in Arab world:

There are many problems Arab country have. All the crisis in Arab world is directly linked to education. Population growth is the biggest problem of these countries. The population of Arab countries is among the highest in the world. This makes education in Arab world a major challenge, with also providing all school facilities. Limited children can come to school who are living in mountain areas. Sometime children living in rural area have to walk many hours to reach school. Another problem is the lack of qualified teachers. And one of the biggest problems they have is the poverty. And Poverty doesn’t allow them to send their children to school. Instead, parents send them to work from where they can get some money. Raid changes in technology, demographic shifts, and labor changes are big challenges for education in Arab world.

Suggested solutions to increase education in Arab world:

They should Participate in the international study’s evaluation program mes, to evaluate what are problems parents facing and why they are not sending their children to school and what steps should be taken to increase education in Arab world.

They should also convert the national wealth in giving opportunities to them by providing basic needs for education.

Build more school in a rural area so that distance will become less, they have not to walk miles to reach school. Invite private school to come and share this responsibility.

Creating school environment fresh and healthy. And they should arrange the proper training session for the teachers. And also providing them higher living.

There should be proper educational policy, with political and social support. Give freedom to educational institute to have funds from the non government organization.

Arabs have to realize that they are far behind in many aspects such as skilled and educated labor. If today they take big steps to increase and improve education in Arab world, there will be major good changes in some next years. Investment in education is crucially needed. Any delay in taking these steps can put the future of these Arab children in danger.