Scoring in a playing cards game of Poker

Poker is a classic playing cards game and is one of the most popular one as well. It is loved and enjoyed by over millions of people all around the world. So this makes it crucial to dedicate an entire article to understanding the basics of scoring in a custom playing cards game of Poker.

Importance of understanding scoring in Poker

It is actually crucial to understand scoring and card values in Poker. This is because Poker is played not in any one specified manner. Though this is one of the things that make it very popular and prevalent it also becomes important for people to understand the basics of scoring for this card game so that they can master at all types of poker.

Basics of Poker

There are a few basic set of rules for a game of Poker with an exception of a few versions of the game. A standard deck of 52 cards is used for most of the game versions of Poker. In most of the games, each hand consists of 5 cards each in combination. The standard combinations for the game also start from a basic five. However as mentioned earlier these are only basics and the scoring patterns can vary from one game to another.

Understanding the scoring patterns

There are many variations that can be observed as far as the card values and scoring patterns for different versions of poker games are concerned. All major scorings for poker are discussed briefly in this article.

  • Five of kind

Regarded as one of the highest scoring hands for a game of Poker this can only happen when certain conditions are fulfilled in a game of Poker. The conditions will include that for a game to score five of a kind there must be certain cards that are present in the card decks. This includes joker or the four deuces. Five of a kind is usually scored when here are at least 4 ten’s or three Queens with alternating wild cards in combination.

  • Four of Kind

This scoring is actually much similar to five of a kind scoring with the only difference being in the fact that you have to look for 4 cards to score and not 5. So this is actually easier because you just have to worry about matching minimally 4 cards and don’t have to pay any attention to the fifth one.

  • Flush

Flush is scoring in a game of poker when you do have to look for 5 cards to make a suit of pairs. However it does not have to be a matching suit and can actually be rather random. It could be a Queen, 10, 8, 3 and 1. The weirdest combinations might end up getting the maximum score.

  • Full House

This is actually a very popular scoring of Poker. It is popular because it has the most variety and makes the colorful pair of cards. The aim is to combine three cards to make a pair. The only condition to follow is to ensure that all three cards are similar in number but contrasting in colors.