What to do when movers damage a property you are moving out of

Moving out of property, may not be as smooth as we may wish it to be. Sometimes, however much we try to be careful, movers may make mistakes that end up in property breakages either out of negligence, carelessness or just their incompetence. Whether or not it is any of the above, you should take necessary steps if damage occurs during your move.

Inspect the damage

In the case of a breakage, the first thing to do is to inspect the damage. Carefully look at the doors, windows, walls and floors and any other delicate part of the property to determine the magnitude of the loss. It is advisable that you take photos of the places that got destroyed immediately you spot one. These photos act as clear evidence that the damage occurred. You can include a date stamp in all your photos, so that in case the movers dispute, the date will show when the photos were taken.

Inform the movers

Let the movers know that damage has occurred. If they confirm the damage, then it will be easier for you to process a claim. You can also call the moving company to make a claim. Usually, you will have up to nine months to do, but it is better to do it right away. Speak to the movers, so they give you an insight into the process of handling a breakage. Most companies have insurance policies against property damages, and they may ask you to sign paperwork for reimbursement.

File a claim

Should the moving company have no insurance policies or payment programs, submit a complaint against them. The photos and picture you took are now vital to substantiate your claims. You need to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, the Department of Transportation and the American Moving and Storage Association, and wait for a response within two weeks. These organizations will want to inspect the damages to the property to see if they are in line with the claims, so try to be available through the inspection process.

After all these steps you can then write a review and rate the services of the moving company on their online website. Ensure you narrate exactly how the movers handled your property and the process of how they solved the damage claims. A negative online review will prompt the movers to contact you immediately and revise your damage. It is necessary to also let others know what kind of services the company offers before they choose to move with them.

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