Woodworking and Chisels

Woodworking tools are basic, but you must have some good chisels. They come in different shapes, styles and sizes so it is important to have a general knowledge of the function of each category of chisel before you choose the right ones for your home tools shop.

Here is a brief overview of different chisels and their main purpose. There are some general ones, but there are also specialized project ones.

The Bench Chisels with beveled edge:

This is a short tool designed to allow for maximum control. The sides are beveled for dove tails. This is a must have for all shops. Tools with extra strength can be purchased, but they aren’t necessary.

The Chisels with beveled edge considered heavy duty:

These are more for building a boat than furniture and may come in handy for timber-framing. This might be a handy tool with the piece is large.

The Registered Chisel:

These cover all chisels that are square. This is great for timber framing.

Japanese Bench Chisel

This chisel is constructed with laminated steel and is thicker than other bench chisels. They are usually more of a square design than beveled and are crafted to be extremely sturdy with hollow ground backs and hooping. These are great for softwoods or tropical woods. Japanese have more triangular and narrow edges than the Western.

Paring Chisel

A paring chisel is good for just a little bit. It is lightweight and thin. Because they are so long they afford greater control than other heavier type chisels. One hand can guide the top while the other applies pressure.

A Mortise Chisel

This is the most classic of the chisels that are malleted so that the chisel can be driven into the wood and then with a levering action the waste is removed. These can be levered so they are sturdier. Thia can handle abuse. This is standard for any workshop. Another version is the Sash mortise chisel. This is lighter and used in more shallow jobs. When drilling out a hole this mortise chisel will be a good choice. Finally there is a very heavy duty Sash Mortise Chisel that is heavier than the normal sash chisel. They have some that have squared edges and round handles. Although they can be invaluable in special jobs they are not widely used.